Spring in the Dolomites

At last it is here: spring! In the middle of the pale mountains, it takes always a bit longer before this colorful season arrives. But it is all the more beautiful…

When the days become longer and milder, the snow begins to melt and sometiemes coming back on the mountaintops, the meadows turn green, and the first flowers begin to blossom, then it is best “outside”.

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Three peaks´ view

The only place where you can visit the well-known mountain massif of the Three Peaks from the main road – and even from the car – is in the Höhlensteintal. This valley stretches south of Toblach towards Cortina d´Ampezzo and separates the Sexten Dolomites from the Pragser Dolomites, as well as the province of Bolzano from the province of Belluno.

That´s the only viewpoint in the valley, where it is possible to admire the northern walls of the Three Peaks.

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Easter traditions in the Dolomites

The Easter days are getting closer and closer, and Easter bunnies and colorful Easter eggs are already exposed everywhere. But actually the annual Easter rituals here in the Dolomites begin only one week before the big festivity: The starting shot falls on “Palmsonntag” (palm sunday). Then in each family the so-called “Palmesel” is selected, namely the family member, which gets up last from bed.

For this day in the church the blessing of the “Palmbesens” (palm broom) is also given in church. Read more

The South Tyrolean “Plente”

Polenta (called Plente in local dialect) is a dish made from corn-gourd, which belongs to the cooking tradition in the Dolomites. Especially in the time of fasting, the plente is cooked on Fridays, which are especially strictly fasted.
The solid maize porridge has been an integral part of our kitchen for several hundred years – in the first place because it has filled many stomachs for little money, nowadays it simply tastes good and is always mixed or refined with new components.

So you can find the polenta in our everyday kitchen with goulash or cheese. In fine restarants they are served as cams or fried to meat and also fish.

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